Wednesday, April 22, 2009

16 Freiraum Symposium, an overview

The 16 Freiraum Symposium took place since 4 to 13 April of 2009, in a little paradise called Friedrichshof, near the border between Austria an Hungary. An exhibition of the works produced during de symposium will be held in the Sammlung Friedrichshof Museum since 13 April to 26 June.

Artists of the 16th Freiraum Symposium:

Hüseyin Isik (Turquía)
Tina Stöger (Austria)
Juanma Vidal (España)
Denis Vingtdeux (Francia)
Before and after de symposium some of the artists spent a few nights at Josef Bernhardt's studio in Forchtenstein:

Juanma, Denis, Michiko, Tina, Molly, Josef and Gracia the first night in Forchtenstein

In Friedrichshof the artists found some materials for his works in an inorganic garbage dump:

Time for a rests in front of Hüseyin's studio:

Molly at work:

Denis at work:

Tina at work:

Part of Friedrichshof venue:

TV and press paid some visits to the artists:

A campfire one of the nights:

Michiko at work:

"Friedrichshof's Tree", performance by Gracia Iglesias:

Juanma explains the meaning of his work to Ami and the artist Teresa:

Hüseyin's work and model:

Ami, the manager of the Friedrichshof's Museum, with Josef Bernhardt:

Photos by Gracia Iglesias, Juanma Vidal and Michiko Totoki

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